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Partner Tracking in Salesforce just got easier

Mastering the Salesforce AppExchange Launch with Invisory:

Leveraging Opportunities and Mitigating Risks in the First 90 Days

Uncover partner performance at the individual and partner account level inside Salesforce. 

Easily identify co-sell opportunities and gaps for next best actions with an SI or ecosystem AE with opportunity level tracking and executive reporting. 

Partner impact
  • Increase partner driven pipeline to better understand where opportunities come from at an individual and partner level.
  • Harness in-app advice & best next actions based on opportunity stage from directly in Salesforce.
  • Save your alliances team time and energy by using data to identify where to lean in & where there are opportunities.
  • Future proof your partner program beyond a single individual by tracking contacts & engagement for ecosystem AEs, SEs & SIs inside Salesforce.


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